torsdag 18 maj 2017

Cognitive Load Theory (CLT)

Introduction with emeritus professor John Sweller  (3:18 min)

Spatial (4:07)

Story of research a program J. Sweller Down load pdf here:

Sweller, J. (2016, February 10). Story of a Research Program. In S. Tobias, J. D. Fletcher, & D. C. Berliner (Series eds.), Acquired Wisdom Series. Education Review, 23. er.v23.2025 

Cognitive load theory by Oliver Cavigliol

Four ways cognitive theory load has changed my teaching by Greg Ashman 20170513

Cognitive load of rubbish by Greg Ahsman 20170517   (response on Four ways..)

Cognitive load theory the single most important theory for teachers to know Greg Ashman on Dylan Wiliam's tweet (20170127)

Oliver Cavigliol's CLT resources by Greg Ashman 20170510

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